Best Dog Breeds For Kids

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Best Dog Breeds For Kids

According to the American Kennel Club, these are the top 8 dog breeds for your kids. They are proven to be lovable, loyal, and friendly companions who will be gentle and playful with your loved ones.



Bulldogs are calm, courageous, and friendly. They don't need a lot of exercise, but require regular walks as any dog would. They are known for their short, fat head, and stout, chunky bodies.



Beagles are very happy, friendly, and curious dogs. They make very loyal companions and are also great hunting dogs. They enjoy the company of other dogs as well as people, making this dog a perfect companion for kids.



These massive dogs are very sweet, patient, and devoted. They are somewhat active, but whats more important is room for them to fit due to their large bodies. They have lifesaving instincts, making this dog a great member of the family- especially with kids

Labrador Retriever


You can't go wrong with this all-American pup! Labs are notoriously outgoing and friendly, and play well with others, including kids. They are extremely intelligent and gentle, making this dog a great member of the family.

Wheaten Terrier


Wheaten terriers are a friendly, happy, and deeply devoted breed that are pretty active and all around a fun-loving dog! They are better with children over 7 years of age, but are still a merry breed that sets them apart from the rest.



These dogs are friendly, fearless, and very obedient, making them easy to train and great around children. They are bred for speed, courage, and intelligence, making them a great protector of the house for you and your loved ones!

Bull Terrier


Bull terriers are extremely loyal and playful. This charming breed needs a lot of exercise, so it's a great breed for your children to run around with. They are exceedingly friendly and have a fun-loving disposition to die for.



Boxers are bright, loyal, and very active dogs that are great with kids. They are a happy-go-lucky breed that loves exercise and being around a lot of people. They are also very athletic, so if your family loves the outdoors, this breed would be perfect!

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