Let's face it, everyone is obsessed with dogs, especially our own canine companion. And with our obsession comes tons and tons of adorable pictures of our pooch. A lot of these pics make it onto Instagram these days, so how do you get your dog noticed and connected with other canine friends? Here are our are the top 5 tips to get your dog noticed on Instagram.  

1. Picture Perfect


Take your pictures during the day. The daylight tends to show off your dog in the best way possible, with great lighting and color. If you're indoors, make sure you have a lot of lighting. 

2. The More Hashtags, The Better 


Hashtags are a great way to connect to the communities you are looking for and to get noticed. Copy and paste some of the most searched canine Instagram hashtags in your post.

3. Make Dog Friends


Simply searching some of the above hashtags and liking your favorite photos will earn you likes and follow-back from other dog lovers. This is a great way to network and get more followers, earning your pup more likes. 

4. Be Consistent


Keep your photos relevant and up to date. The more you post and share, the more outreach you'll have, and the more you can connect people and pups to your account.

5. Give Your Dog Their Own Hashtag


Give your dog their own hashtag! That way when you search the hashtags, all your dogs photos will come up. This is a great way to get your pooch to stand out.

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